Trump supporter knocks over media cameras at rally


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders condemned the actions of a Trump rallygoer Monday evening who attacked a cameraman for BBC News, in a Tuesday afternoon statement.

A supporter of Donald Trump reportedly attacked a BBC cameraman at one of the president's rallies on Monday evening.

"Mr Skeans said the "very hard shove" came from his blindside", reported the BBC, adding: "Mr Skeans said the man nearly knocked him and his camera over twice before he was wrestled away by a blogger". As Skeans told the BBC (via The Daily Beast) a "very hard shove" came from his blindside and he "didn't know what was going on".

After the man was taken away, Trump asked to the media pen "You all right?"

Esparza didn't return TPM's request for comment but told the Daily Beast: "We are looking into the situation and the released video of the incident but we are not pressing charges at this time ..." Regardless, it's clearly Trump's anti-media invective-"enemy of the people" and etc. -that inspires these attacks in the first place.

The press freedom group Reporters Without Borders said they were "deeply concerned" by the "physical attack against a BBC cameraman at a Trump rally".

A campaign official for Trump later suggested the man was drunk.

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The El Paso District Attorney's office said they would not be pressing charges against the Trump supporter for assaulting the cameraman.

Gary O'Donoghue, BBC's Washington correspondent, who also was there, said that the man had jumped onto the media platform and tried to smash the BBC camera. "Everything OK?" He offered the media a a thumbs-up and continued his speech after Skeans returned the gesture, according to the BBC.

Eleanor Montague, Washington producer for the BBC, was also sitting in front of the camera with O'Donaghue and alleges other journalists were also attacked, though Skeans "got the brunt of it".

United Nations experts last August warned that Trump's attacks "increase the risk of journalists being attacked with violence" and suggested that his rhetoric was "strategic".

He said Skeans is "fine" but on Twitter said it was a "shameful moment". "The man was removed by security and Ron is fine", the statement read.

Mr. Brown called on Mr. Trump "to stop the encouraging of violence at these rallies".

"I'm very anxious that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt", Acosta wrote on Twitter.