United States charges ex-intelligence specialist with spying for Iran


Witt is also alleged to have disclosed the code name and classified mission of a U.S. Department of Defense Special Access Program.

Prosecutors say she appeared in multiple videos broadcast by Iranian media, identifying herself publicly as a US veteran and condemning America.

From December 2014 to May 2015, at least four Iranian nationals created fake Facebook accounts to target Witt's former co-workers, the United States alleges.

"With good reason", said Assistant Attorney General John Demers, the head of the Justice Department's national security division. "But every great while, one of these trusted people fails us". She first entered duty around August 1997 and had served continuously until around March 2008.

"From in or around May 1999 to in or around November 2003, WITT deployed to several overseas locations in order to conduct classified missions collecting signals intelligence, or SIGINT, involving adversaries of the United States", the indictment reads.

She moved into special investigations in 2003, focusing on criminal, fraud and counterintelligence investigations, according to the resume. Her work for the government ended in 2010. That year, an unidentified person contacted her and remarked that she was well-trained.

Witt was working as a contractor in 2012 when she was offered an all-expenses-paid invitation to a "Hollywoodism" conference that was sponsored by the Iranian government and that promoted anti-Western propaganda, according to the Justice Department.

If such inept wording actually works, there's hope the Justice Department could catch its fugitive defendants by messaging them about an inheritance fortune waiting for them in the US.

Witt is charged with two counts of delivering military information to a foreign government and one count of conspiracy.

USA officials believe she defected to Iran after turning against the US for ideological reasons.

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The DOJ reports Witt provided members of Iran's intelligence service with a copy of her resume back in 2013.

That summer, a dual U.S.

A warrant has been issued for Ms Witt, who remains at large. -Iranian citizenship, referred to as Individual A in the indictment.

Ms Witt is accused of sharing U.S. government secrets, including the name of agents and specifics of operations, with Iran as early as January 2012. She met with Revolutionary Guards representatives and declared her desire to immigrate to Iran, according to the indictment.

Jay Tabb, the FBI's executive assistant director for national security, said Witt was ideologically driven.

"She chose to turn against the United States and shift her loyalty to Iran", said Jay Tabb, FBI's executive assistant director for national security.

They declined to say to what extent these disclosures compromised USA intelligence operations targeting Iran.

She also allegedly did research on her former fellow counterintelligence colleagues to help draft "target packages" against them. In short, she worked up dossiers about them that outlined who they were and what kind of work they might have been doing.

Witt was indicted along with four Iranian hackers, who the USA says worked on behalf of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Iran and the United States are longtime cyber-antagonists.