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Starting Monday night, February full moon will brighten skies.

Read some Fun Super Moon Facts from NASA below: A supermoon occurs when the moon's orbit is closest (perigee) to Earth at the same time it is full.

"In short, the earth, sun and the moon are all in a line, with the moon at its nearest approach to earth", Nolle said in a 1979 edition of Horoscope Magazine.

The Full Moon meets is perigee, meaning that it comes to its closest distance to the Earth.

Technically, the supermoon will reach its peak on Tuesday morning at 10:54 a.m. ET, but it won't be visible then. This means September 2019 will stage the year's most distant full moon.

This month's full moon is also known as a "snow moon".

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Despite enduring myths about higher crime and hospitalisation rates, there's next to no scientific evidence to suggest a bigger, brighter Moon can affect our mood, emotions or sleep. It will also look huge - due to how close it is to earth.

There will be another supermoon March 20, hours after the spring equinox, according to, giving 2019 a total of three supermoons.

They used a telescope to get a closer view, as their aunt Sharia cuddled seven-month-old baby Leann see the full moon. And, hey, it's the second to the last one for the year, so enjoy.

He said the moon gazing could be done throughout the night. Still, regular observers of full moons may note a slight difference, and the difference is certainly evident if comparing photographs or images. The Moon could appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual, so get your phones out for the spectacular photos. Tuesday's moon will be 17,000 miles closer than average.

This year's first supermoon occurred on January 21, and there is another one happening on March 31.

The moon rises over the Parthenon on the ancient Acropolis Hill in Athens, Greece, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019.