Facebook offers Android users iOS-like location control


This time Facebook has launched a new privacy control feature for Android users that will prevent the app to access the user's location when they are not using the app.

A good news for Android users concerned about ambiguity regarding Facebook's location settings. Android users had an all or nothing option, meaning if location tracking is enabled, Facebook will always be tracking you even when the app is closed. With this update, you'll have a dedicated way to choose whether or not to share your location when you aren't using the app.

Other the other hand, Facebook is updating location information to include the primary location for users at the city or postal code level. The thumbnails of the app in the store have been updated as well, and the app itself loads up faster when you're scrolling the pages. This also allowed Facebook to store the precise location.

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That's why Facebook is giving users the option to turn their "Background Location" on or off in the Android app. Turn it off, and the app won't share your location data when it's not in use. Even though the new update will not affect iOS users, Facebook is going to send them a smart alert so they can ensure the current settings are right for them. Previously Android offered a binary choice for location services and history: on or off. In contrast to iOS users, Android users have only had the option to either grant or deny Facebook access to location services, but that changes starting today. The same is true if you have turned off Location History. Evaluating the user experience prior to building the final app is one of the main reasons Frontline stands out from the competition.

Google is continuing to push Android developers to use the latest API features. You have to go to your phone's Settings for this then enable Unknown Sources.

Location information makes it possible for people to use Facebook to plan events, see more relevant ads, mark themselves safe in a crisis and share their favorite places. Look for a setting that says Background Location and turn it off.