Microsoft and Nintendo Are Reportedly Bringing Xbox Game Pass to Switch


Microsoft and Nintendo's relationship is strong, recently allowing for crossplay on games such as Minecraft.

This is not a totally outrageous statement, considering the details Microsoft unveiled on Project xCloud late a year ago.

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I guess this is Microsoft's approach to turn the Xbox into the Windows for Games...

YouTube Channel Direct-Feed Games claimed that Microsoft plans to bring its streaming service, Project xCloud, to the Switch. In earlier reports about the game, BioWare made statements that they were aiming to make the most of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4's capabilities in an attempt to make the game as good as possible on the consoles. JeuxVideo believes that Xbox Game Pass will come to Switch this year and that there's the potential for more than one hundred new games to be available to Switch users as a result. Yes, Xbox might choose to use the name for its new games streaming service, expanding upon the existing Game Pass that is a digital download only platform at present. But with Xbox Game Pass going great guns for Microsoft, if there was a way to roll it out to another console. If so, it's not so far-fetched to imagine Microsoft games one day being played on a Sony console or Bravia TV. Nintendo has been more amicable towards Microsoft. Game streaming isn't a foreign concept to the Switch either, as bothResident Evil 7: Biohazard and Assassin's Creed Odyssey have become available for the system in Japan thanks to game streaming via the cloud. There, Microsoft publishes its own games, runs its own online storefront, makes its own hardware, and even provides the operating system that runs it all. But getting Xbox-branded games and services onto other platforms would let the company bring in revenue from a much bigger pool of potential players-even if Microsoft's share of that revenue would be smaller than that directly from Xbox hardware.