Political battle between India and Pakistan enters the 22-yard pitch


There has been calls to boycott the June 16 World Cup face-off against Pakistan at the Old Trafford in the aftermath of the dastardly attack but the Indian cricket board has not taken a call, putting the ball in government's court.

"I agree that after this attack, India should not only stop playing cricket, hockey or football with Pakistan but should cut all ties with them", Ganguly had said.

Speaking at a promotional event in Kolkata, Ganguly said: "He (Sachin) wants two points against Pakistan, I want the World Cup".

"I believe something similar needs to be done with Pakistan".

A final decision on India's participation in the game is expected to be made by the central government. "Whichever way you look at it", Ganguly.

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In a tweet, Sachin Tendulkar wrote, "India has always come up trumps against Pakistan in the World Cup, Time to beat them once again". "We have told them clearly that security of the players, match officials and fans coming from India should be appropriately taken care of at the 2019 World Cup". While bilateral cricket tournaments between the two nations have become extinct, people in general are awaiting the decision from the government and see whether these two arch rivals will still clash at world cup matches. "We should seek their (Pakistan) ouster and remove them from the cricketing committee".

Even the entry of former Pakistan's World Cup winning captain Imran Khan as Prime Minister has not been able to help the PCB.

"Besides, in order to avoid similar situations in future the ISSF will request from Organizers of the shooting events in India the written guarantees of the State Government to ensure the non allowance of any kind of discrimination for the participants", it further stated.

"Our stand is simple: we stick by what the nation wants to do and what the BCCI decides to do". "Whatever the govt and the board decides, we'll go by that and respect that", Virat said.