Absent US diplomacy, India and Pakistan stand at the precipice of war


As reported by ANI, today morning, a Pakistani Air Force plane was detected in Jammu and Kashmir and while shooting the F-18 fighter plane, India lost its own MiG-21 jet and a pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan hasn't returned.

The Indian warplanes went down Wednesday morning in Kashmir, a mountainous region claimed by both India and Pakistan since nearly immediately after their creation in 1947.

Pakistan has suspended domestic air travel in Lahore, Islamabad and other cities. But air strikes by India on Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps yesterday (Tuesday) is a fight against terrorism and we stand with our country in this war. "The aircraft was seen by ground forces falling on the Pakistan side", he added.

Within hours of the incident, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan went on television urging peace talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. My question to the Indian government is - with the weapons that you have and we have, can we afford a miscalculation?

In conventional terms, India's armed forces are numerically superior in both troops and equipment, making it likely that they would overpower Pakistan's defences if New Delhi ordered a large-scale assault. "We should sit down and talk".

Both sides also claimed aerial success yesterday.

The French foreign minister said it is closely monitoring the situation and called Pakistan and India to de-escalate.

Pakistan airspace is closed.

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"We have no intention of escalation, but are fully prepared to do so if forced into that paradigm", Ghafoor said. India immediately blamed Pakistan for the attack. An Indian official based in Kashmir told Reuters that at least three Pakistani aircraft violated the border and were confronted by Indian fighter jets deployed to intercept them. "One of the aircraft fell inside AJ&K [Pakistan-controlled Kashmir] while other fell inside IOK [Indian-controlled Kashmir]".

India registered a strong-worded objection to Pakistan's unwarranted advances into Indian airspace before the latter's Acting High Commissioner, Syed Haider Shah.

Five videos were shot by Pakistani army and released on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as part of a psychological operation against the country, the officials said. In case of my brother, Pakistan never accepted later that they had him and whenever India pursued the matter, they blatantly denied.

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said the United Kingdom government had been "working round the clock" to encourage Pakistan and India to "de-escalate and reduce tensions". Both countries claim the Himalayan Kashmir region, which is divided by a militarized "Line of Control".

Indian airlines including IndiGo, India's biggest airline by market share, low-priced rival GoAir and full-service carriers Jet Airways and Vistara, a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons, were forced to cancel services to at least six cities in northern India due to airport closures.

Global leaders have urged the countries to exercise caution and Foreign Minister Marise Payne said she was concerned by news of the escalation.

The renewed tensions between the two historic rivals, both of which possess nuclear weapons, stem from a February 14 suicide auto bombing in an Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir.