Spotify officially launches in India


Spotify offers the best listening experience in local and worldwide music, with the app available to download for free, or with an upgrade to Spotify Premium for only INR 119* per month.

While existing desktop Spotify users have been able to change their language with similar ease for a while, this is a lot easier than the current system on mobile, which requires you to change the system language on your phone rather than in the app.

Spotify is a pop culture phenomenon already in India even prior to launching the service, thanks in part to Indians returning home after having used the service overseas and just the domino of effect caused due to the global phenomenon which Spotify has become having listed on the NYSE with a valuation of $29.5 Bn past year. Granted, a much larger user pool will increase overall revenues for Spotify, and thus artists, labels and publishers. Your personal DJ featuring the latest releases and all your favourite music, updated daily.

Google Play, on the other hand, charges Rs 99 a month. Spotify is available on over 500 products across 200 hardware brands globally.

For India, the audio streaming platform is focusing on Hindi and English music, as well as Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. Indian users can select their preferred language (s) to receive tailored Daily Mix, Home, Radio, Search results and recommendations.

For the first time on Spotify Free, smartphone users in India can play every song on demand, informed the company.

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The platform will also feature new playlists including Indiestan, Rap91, Namaste Love, Punjabi101, Bollywood Butter, Top Hits in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi, which will sit alongside global playlists including Mint, RapCaviar, Viva Latino and the This is... artist compilations. The company claims around 30,000 new tracks added each day, adding up to over 3 billion playlist options. Spotify's recommendations will also include songs from India's favourite movies and actors.

The firm said playlists will be curated by Indian music experts, while "city playlists" will use algorithms to spot trends in the country's main cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. It's an inherent part of our lifestyle and culture, whether we pray, work, or relax.

Earlier, in an attempt to leverage Warner/Chappell Music's (WCM) local Indian publishing rights, WMG which has some big-ticket artists like Katy Perry and Led Zeppelin in its kitty, filed for an injunction against Spotify over licensing rights in the country.

Spotify, r music streaming services, has finally landed to the Indian shores.

As in other territories, Spotify's focus for India was to blend "global culture" while also allowing room for local adaptation, according to global head of markets Cecilia Qvist.