Building support: Venezuela's Guaido arrives in Brazil to meet with president


Venezuela's foreign minister Jorge Arreaza on Wednesday called for direct talks between President Nicolas Maduro and his United States counterpart Donald Trump, to help ease the crisis gripping his country.

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela's Minister of the People's Power for Foreign Affairs, called upon the council to adopt a resolution rejecting the use of force, or the threat of such use, against his country, during a meeting attended by almost 40 member states of the UN.

Earlier, an aide to President Ivan Duque of neighboring Colombia called for action to end Venezuela's humanitarian crisis and bring about a political transition leading to free elections.

At the Simon Bolivar bridge, where on Friday several trucks with humanitarian aid were turned back or destroyed, a number of displaced people protested in the hope the border would reopen soon.

On February 25, Venezuelan Foreign Minister stated that a meeting between Maduro and Trump would facilitate the regulation of a political crisis in Venezuela.

Russian Federation had circulated a rival draft resolution "expressing concern over the threats to use force" against Venezuela and "to intervene" in its domestic matters.

The U.S. representation at the United Nations announced Wednesday it will present tomorrow to the Security Council a draft resolution on Venezuela, in which it insists on delivering humanitarian aid.

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US envoy Elliott Abrams says the Trump administration will seek a U.N. Security Council vote this week on a resolution calling for Venezuela's government to let in humanitarian aid and to hold free elections.

Brasilia Juan Guaidó, Venezuela's opposition leader, will visit Brazil to meet President Bolsonaro.

Earlier this month the United States proposed a draft Security Council resolution, which prompted Russian Federation to propose a rival text that makes no reference to elections or aid.

The global showdown over Venezuela was on display Thursday, when the UN Security Council failed to pass two rival draft resolutions from the U.S. and Russian Federation on the subject. "The only thing to discuss with Maduro at this point is the time and date for his departure", Pence said on Twitter.

"For democracy to return and for Venezuela to rebuild-Maduro must go", he wrote.

In an address to the council on Tuesday, the foreign minister accused the Trump administration of having a "script to justify war" against his country and urged the council to adopt a measure opposing the use of force.