Can New York win another HQ2?


Dubbed Amazon HQ2-Apalooza by host Bisnow Media, Thursday's event gave the northern Virginia business community a chance to discuss new opportunities to profit from Amazon's arrival, while the demonstrators complained that the general public had been excluded from the negotiations and decision-making.

The New York Times has also reported Gov. Cuomo has been personally calling Amazon executives, including Bezos, to convince Amazon to reconsider. "They've said the treatment that Amazon received, and their decision that it wasn't worth it, was pretty shocking and caused other firms and entrepreneurs to question whether it was worth it to take on ny". "In those calls, Mr. Cuomo said he would navigate the company through the byzantine governmental process". Amazon has not commented on the appeal.

Cuomo and de Blasio were largely responsible for helping bring Amazon to NY in a deal that would have seen 25,000 jobs, paying approximately $150,000 per year enter Long Island City. Signatories include the CEOs from JetBlue, Hearst, MasterCard and Deloitte.

The award helped to fuel vocal opposition to the project, even though it was backed by New York's governor and mayor. Unlike Jeffries and Maloney, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke against the HQ2 plan. But when we commit to a project as important as this, we figure out how to get it done in a way that works for everyone.

The letter promises that Governor Andrew Cuomo "will take personal responsibility for the project's state approval".

Nevertheless, he's persists. There's also an open letter published in today's Times, signed by politicians, businesses, and groups who support the deal. Opinions are strong in New York-sometimesstrident. It was just a few weeks ago that Long Island City was preparing to become home to a new Amazon office campus and 25,000 incoming jobs.

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The people who thought Donald Trump's election would be a boon for business might want to think again.

While proponents of the deal often responded to criticisms that the new headquarters would strain public transit and cut back on affordable housing by pointing to the $27.5 billion in tax revenue that Amazon promised to produce, a more effective method might have been communicating what investments should be made into those needy areas ahead of time.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that his efforts to get Amazon back on board with a NY headquarters have not worked and that he doesn't want the failed Amazon deal to drive other companies away. "We are a dynamic new center of the country's most inclusive tech economy", the letter concluded.

"People are very anxious that the fight over Amazon and the harsh rhetoric, the attitudes of politicians like Michael Gianaris and Jimmy van Bramer have sent a message to the whole world that NY is now a hostile place for big companies", David said.

Gov. Cuomo blames a group of lawmakers for breaking up the deal and said, "The New York State Senate has done tremendous damage".