Two Massive Avalanches Hit Colorado's I-70


And you thought your commute was stressful.

Terrifying footage has emerged out of Colorado, featuring cars becoming engulfed by an avalanche. One motorist films a menacing cloud on the road ahead as he slowly drives toward it before coming to a stop.

The avalanche did close part of I-70.

Their windshield was covered with snow, but their vehicle was not trapped.

An avalanche rolling through Ten Mile Canyon in Colorado was captured on camera Sunday.

No one was injured in either avalanche.

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Local media confirms the avalanche was not a controlled slide.

Also, a volunteer with the Summit County Rescue Group was in the canyon Sunday morning when the first avalanche came crashing down the mountain.

Jacob Easton also captured a video of snow plowing down the mountainside while in a vehicle with his dad, FOX31 reported. The horrified motorist was able to film the avalanche as it powered down the slope onto Interstate 70 and nearly slammed into his auto and other vehicles. Crews cleaned "about 3-4 feet [of snow] that ran over the highway", she said.

What's likely the most dramatic clip shows the second of the two avalanches and came from Shaune Golemon, who made a decision to go skiing at Copper Mountain and got more snow than he bargained for.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Centre says the slide danger likely peaked yesterday but says the danger is still considered high today.