Samsung reportedly has two more foldable phones coming after the Galaxy Fold


Samsung's foldable phone line may be expanding soon.

All Galaxy S10 devices run on Android 9.0 Pie with Samsung's One UI.

The report also remarked that Samsung now has the capability to produce almost 2.4 million foldable displays in a year and is mulling over ramping up production to 10 million per year.

While it's still too early to gauge how much demand there will be for smartphones with flexible screens, Samsung and other rivals are eager to gain an edge over Apple the $495 billion industry, especially amid cooling sales.

The past few weeks in the tech sphere have been dominated by foldable phones.

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More precisely, DisplayMate says the S10's display has absolute color accuracy that's "visually indistinguishable from ideal", and the same goes for image and picture contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy. Samsung may decide to remove it based on feedback for the Galaxy Fold's cover display.

Samsung is also said to be working on improving the Galaxy Fold's display durability. The crease develops on the protective film on top of the display and not on the OLED panel itself, and so far it seems that Samsung has not found a way to fix this as the company considers offering free screen replacements.

Samsung predicts it can make 1 million foldable phones this year. Though the Galaxy S10 phones are already available for pre-orders in India, the company will be initiating the deliveries of the device today. The South Korean company shipped 291.3 million phones a year ago while Huawei sold 205.8 million, according to Strategy Analytics.

Two of the records the Samsung Galaxy S10 set were highest absolute color accuracy and highest image contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy, both of which were judged by DisplayMate as "visually indistinguishable from ideal".