Tesla Says New Supercharger Cuts Charging Time By 50%


Tesla Inc.is updating its charging network to halve typical wait times as the Model 3 fleet grows larger and rivals like Porsche ready their own powerful infrastructure. Boiling that down to real-world rates, the new chargers will push 75 miles of range into a vehicle in just 5 minutes. Only Tesla owners who are part of the Tesla Early Access program can use the charger for now. But times change, and companies like ElectrifyAmerica and ChargePoint are rolling out new DC Fast chargers for these standards that are capable of recharging a vehicle at much higher power-350kW in the case of ElectrifyAmerica and 500kW in the case of ChargePoint.

The ability to charge more vehicles per day is further enhanced by the fact the new cabinet doesn't require the power to be shared with another vehicle in the next stall, so both cars can reach the peak 250kW output at the same time. Yes, you've guessed it - your Tesla will heat up its battery when you're navigating to a Supercharger station.

Tesla already has more than 12,000 of its V2 stations installed worldwide, which when first released at 120kW outdid the then "fast" 50kWh CHAdeMO and CCS charging points available to other EV drivers. In addition, Tesla also revealed that its existing V2 superchargers will all be "unlocked" to support 145 kW charging rates in the "coming weeks". Tesla estimates the increase in charging speed will cut the amount of time customers spend charging their cars in half.

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The higher speeds will be available for more owners this spring, Tesla says, as more chargers come online.

Our first non-beta V3 Supercharger site will break ground next month, with North American sites ramping in Q2 and Q3 before coming to Europe and Asia-Pacific in Q4, "Tesla said in a statement".

Tesla says that it has 12,000 Superchargers across North America, Europe, and Asia-and that 99 percent of the USA population is covered by the charging network.