On the Bachelor finale, Colton asks Cassie for a second chance


"I think the next "Bachelorette" should be Hannah B.", Waddell, 33, who appeared on Season 19 of "The Bachelor" in 2015, recently told Page Six. "We want to just like go to the grocery store, go for bike rides, walks on the beach", Colton said.

"You feel 100 per cent sure about it?" she asked. "Last night with Cassie was absolutely incredible".

"I want you to have your hobbies, your interests, have your family, have your circle of friends", Colton said.

"All in", in this case, included their delayed visit to the fantasy suite, which Cassie eagerly agreed to. "I haven't seen [it]".

"We're going insane right now, trending all over Twitter", announced host Chris Harrison.

When it came time for Underwood and Randolph to spend the night together, Underwood came out of the hotel room and told the producers, "I love you".

She goes in for a round of awkward hugs with his family, and tells them she and Colton are "still kind of figuring out" their relationship. "I love all of you people, but there's a door right there and I need you guys to get out", he said, blowing them kisses.

When it comes to her ex, "I'm happy for Colton".

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"We definitely talk about our future engagement", Cassie added. It was clear as day who they were grooming up there for the next lead. The most interesting part was when Cassie read Colton a journal entry from early in her time on The Bachelor: "Sometimes I look over at Colton or up, LOL, and I think to myself I love you". Hurt and confused, Hannah tells him, "I just want to get out of here because I'm so embarrassed".

So it seems Colton's gut instinct was right all along.

Colton Underwood posted a tweet that some fans interpreted as him spilling the beans on his relationship with Cassie.

While Hannah B., 24, has found a fan in Waddell, Rycroft, 36, who was dumped by former "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick following the Season 13 finale in 2009 for runner-up Molly Malaney, is rooting for Caelynn Miller-Keyes to jump into the driver's seat as ABC's next leading lady.

Yes, Hannah, we're all hoping for that.

What does a pageant star who calls herself the "hot-mess express", a confident Nigerian beauty with a loud-and-proud personality, ; a deceptively bubbly spitfire who is hiding a dark family secret, a California beach blonde who has a secret that ironically may make her the BachelorÕs ideal match, and a lovable phlebotomist all have in common? One contestant named Cam even performed a rap.

I'm not sure I'll love it on the hot mess express, but I guess we'll find out when Bachelorette starts in May.