Miami Dolphins trade Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans


Tannehill's agent confirmed Friday that the quarterback has been traded to the Tennessee Titans.

Tannehill's deal reportedly reaches $12 million when playtime and other incentives are taken into consideration.

The details of the trade, as broken by ESPN's Adam Schefter, involves Tannehill and a 2019 6th-round pick going to Tennessee in return for a 2019 7th-round pick and a 2020 4th-round pick. Teams who are contenders are looking to add big-time talent to their team, while those who feel like they don't have a shot are offloading their talent in hopes of getting a better draft pick next season.

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The Miami Dolphins have the worst quarterback situation in the National Football League, and it's not particularly close. He threw for 854 yards, six touchdowns and only two interceptions in 2015, which made many think he could really play in the National Football League should he be given a shot. He completed 64.2-percent of his passes for 1,979 yards, 17 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in 2018. He missed the 2017 season with a knee injury. Tannehill holds two of the team's top five single-season passer ratings marks. He had a wildly uneven season previous year that ended badly.

Well, except one quarterback who's been sitting on the sidelines for the last two years, waiting for his next opportunity in the NFL. Both have had minimal playing time under center.

SportsTrust Advisors, Tannehill's representation, say his new deal is for one year.