Bangladesh Cricket Team Misses Mass Shooting By ‘Minutes’


In the attack on Al Noor mosque at Dean's Road, 30 people were martyred and in the Linwood Islamic Centre, Linwood Avenue, 10 people were martyred.

Two tests have previously been abandoned due to rain, while three tests overseas involving New Zealand have been cancelled due to terror attacks. The police have also found explosives attached to cars in the city. One person is in custody, however Police believe there may be other offenders. They are visibly shaken.

Three hours after the shooting, New Zealand Cricket, in consultation with the Bangladesh Cricket Board and International Cricket Council, announced the five-day match had been canceled. An officer stopped him. They were at the ground [Hagley Oval] and just started running. The next major tour New Zealand are set to host is when England visit for Tests and T20Is from late October with Christchurch expected to be one of the venues for the two Tests.

Violent crime is extremely rare in New Zealand and Mr. In 2015, it had just eight gun homicides. The third Test, which was scheduled to be played from today, had to be called off.

On Saturday, the prime minister said the "primary perpetrator" in the shootings was a licensed gun owner and legally acquired the five guns used.

When he was asked whether or not there were any suspicions that the attacker was aware of the presence of the team there and even deliberately targeted them, Isam said that he did not think so.

New Zealand is also generally considered to be welcoming to migrants and refugees. Further, they thanked security forces for ensuring Bangladesh team stay in a safe place. "They heard gunshots and people screaming", he added.

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"This is the first time that, not only in New Zealand but anywhere else, that I have experienced this".

"FICA has been in contact with the New Zealand Cricket Players' Association and Cricketers' Welfare Association of Bangladesh and full support has been offered to the Bangladesh players and the touring squad on the ground".

Tarrant, in his rambling manifesto, deemed Trump "a symbol of renewed white identity".

Players sheltered aboard the bus as a volley of shots rang out.

Peneha, who lives next door, said the gunman ran out of the mosque, dropped what appeared to be a semi-automatic weapon in his driveway and fled.

'As long as we were in the room the only thing propped up in our mind is that how lucky we had happened in a country like New Zealand which was really unexpected, ' he said. Some people are standing around, wondering what had happened near that intersection.

Team members described their experiences on social media. As many as 150 shots may have been fired inside and around the mosque, leaving 39 dead and dozens wounded.