Walmart Is Planning Its Own Gaming Streaming Service


CEO Sundar Pichai, who once said he plays Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 "quite a bit", introduced the Stadia gaming service during his special keynote at the event, describing the service as a platform for everyone. The game can then be streamed instantly onto the player's desktop, laptop, phone or TV screen.

Walmart may not be the name of a company that many would predict could enter the video game streaming market, but the industry is young so may be worth a sniff.

Google Stadia will let you play high-end games without the need to purchase any expensive gaming consoles or make high-end gaming for the system. "But Stadia can reach out to other public and private cloud services". While no well known game titles were announced with Stadia's introduction, Google is hoping to remedy that with its own game design studio in the future. This method of accessing games removes the need for specialised hardware, and doesn't require the game to download. The company previously had plans for a video streaming service to take on the likes of Netflix and Hulu, but scrapped the project after it was deemed "too risky".

Will cross-platform play be available in every game?

The Stadia will stream cloud-based games to Chromecast, Chrome browser, and Pixel devices.

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Reportedly, the company is now exploring creating its very own game streaming platform. Further, Google has partnered with popular video game development software like Unreal Engine, Unity, and Havok. It's a series of button presses that activates a cheat in certain games. No exact release date was announced, but it is promising to know that a sophisticated service like Stadia is coming out this year. By following the link, and players will be able to experience the same part of a game they just watched their favorite YouTuber play.

The Stadia release date is still not clear.

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