Gmail now allows you to schedule email delivery


To celebrate Gmail's 15th birthday, Google is making its email service more assistive.

The best part about this is that you can set these preferences on a per-account basis, so you can ensure you get all your work emails, but aren't annoyed by constant auto-emails on your personal email address, while still getting personal emails from people you care about. Smart compose will be updated to add more languages (Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese) and will be available on all Android devices with an iOS version coming soon.

Smart Compose uses learning algorithms to predict common phrases within your email text and subject lines, providing suggestions to complete your sentences as you type. As Google notes, if you tend to start your messages with "Ahoy", or "Ello, mate", Smart Compose will begin suggesting that greeting. This is helpful if you want to send an email at a later time or date, to accommodate time zones or not disturb someone's vacation, explains Google.

Spark - which has proved very popular with iOS and macOS users - has just migrated to Android, bringing with it all manner of inbox organizing smarts. Google asks, in a new statement announcing the highly anticipated ability to schedule emails.

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Smart email application Spark is finally available on Android. You can make a short-swipe to the left to pin or unpin an email, a long swipe to the left to delete an email, a short swipe to the right to mark emails as read/unread, and a long swipe to the right to archive emails.

What this means for you: Smart Compose can be a somewhat polarizing feature.

Gmail will now also let you reply to emails faster without leaving your inbox, made possible with the recent rollout of AMP for the email service, allowing for "dynamic emails". That's the kind of thing you could be forgiven for thinking Gmail already had, but it will likely be a welcome addition nevertheless. Other notable features include reminders, email snoozing and powerful search options.

While digging around into the APK, I learned a little about how the Android app will lock you out of it.