The Only People to Benefit From The Khashoggi Murder is His Sons


A banker in Jiddah, Salah is the only Khashoggi sibling who intends to continue living in Saudi Arabia, according to people close to the family.

Saudi Arabia has now provided each of the four with a house in the family's home city of Jiddah worth about $4 million in addition to a steady stream of cash payments of $10,000 to $15,000 a month, according to the people familiar with the arrangement. The other children live in the United States and the luxury are likely to sell houses, writes the "Washington Post". Turkish investigators believe that Khashoggi's remains were dissolved in acid and poured down the drain of the Saudi consulate.

More than six months after Khashoggi's killing, the journalist's body has not yet been found.

In an exclusive interview with CNN in November, the two brothers described their father as "courageous, generous and very fearless", and issued an emotional appeal for the return of their father's body, which was never found.

If the men are convicted, that could pave the way for the Khashoggi family members to accept financial compensation as an alternate punishment.

Looking ahead, the Saudi leadership would like nothing more than to bury the Khashoggi saga and move forward in working closely with the U.S. when it comes to the kingdom's economic transformation as well as Riyadh's and Washington's shared objectives in the region, particularly with respect to countering Iranian influence.

Saudi Arabia is attempting through the move to come to a long-term understanding and discourage the Khashoggi children from speaking out for their father's killing at the hands of Saudi agents, Saudi officials told the Washington Post.

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It was reported that Saudi's public prosecutor, Saud Al-Mojeb, announced charges against six other people allegedly involved in the killing.

Riyadh has maintained that neither bin Salman nor King Salman knew of the operation to target Khashoggi last October.

It is unclear whether Khashoggi's children would be required to forgive or absolve the killers to collect the payments.

Saudi officials describe the murder as a rogue operation that went wrong carried out by a team that meant to return Khashoggi to Riyadh.

Former Saudi officials and experts said the royal court and government have incentives to seek such an agreement and avoid a situation in which only low-level operatives are executed for their role in a plot that was developed and orchestrated from high levels of government.

The family could receive further payments of as much as 100 to 200 million riyals ($26.7- $53.3 million) as part of blood money negotiations that might be expected when the trial concludes, CNN's source said.

Saudi authorities were also "applying secrecy in the trial process" and ignoring worldwide standards of justice, he said.