‘Borderlands 3’ is The Next Epic Games Store Exclusive


Despite review bombs, interest in the series appears to be on the rise, with Borderlands 2 peaking at over 40,000 concurrent players on Steam today, putting it in the platform's top ten most-played games.

Are you interested in Borderlands 3? The post has of course been changed now, but Windows Central was able to capture the comment before its removal.

The loot-shooter will only be available for PC on Epic's digital storefront for a period of six months, from its release on September 13 to April 2020. Epic Games, and Tim Sweeney, have both been under heavy fire for their anti-consumerism practices of herding gamers into their launcher just to play games. This is likely due to a number of factors, from Borderlands 3's recent reveal to the new texture packs and discounts promoting them. Is this feature a guarantee? Though other services existed, it was considered foolish for developers to not launch a game to Steam's large market share.

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"Back in March, Epic Games Store boss Steve Allison said the company "[didn't] want to do that ever again", in reference to signing Metro Exodus as a timed Epic Store exclusive so close to its intended Steam release. For now, details are limited but Gearbox has confirmed it will include four new campaign stories, as well as new missions to undertake and challenges to overcome. The Epic Games Store gives customers a new free game every two weeks.

It's not all bad news though, as other Steam users are swooping in to combat this with a slew of positive reviews. Only to switch over to Epic Games Store at the 11th hour and earn the ire of gamers who pre-ordered the game almost a year in advance.

It'll also be out for PS4 and Xbox One. By April 3, the day the exclusivity was announced, 419 negative reviews had been submitted. Feel free to browse around, and see if you find anything, well, interesting!