Kim Jong Un to meet with Vladimir Putin on April


The date and venue for the summit has yet to be unveiled, but speculation persists that the leaders may meet in Russia's Far Eastern city of Vladivostok next week when Putin travels there en route to Beijing for an global forum.

The group may be part of the security detail for Kim's visit, his first to Russian Federation since taking power.

The planned summit gives Putin another stage to project Russian influence.

But the source added that a sudden change in plans can not be ruled out due to their "extemporaneous" nature.

First one needs to understand what kind of weapon it is. The rogue state's leader Kim Jong-un oversaw the operation, KNCA said.

"Though Russia and China are friendly countries, it is noteworthy that they are still rivals with both having recognized the strategic importance of the Korean Peninsula for a long time", said Park Won-gon, a professor of worldwide politics at Handong Global University.

Putin has previously expressed positions sympathetic to Kim's regime, saying past year that Pyongyang must be given guarantees in exchange for de-nuclearisation.

Putin is expected to attend an global forum on China's Belt and Road Initiative to be held in Beijing on April 25-27.

Kono said Friday's meeting came at "a critical time to align the response to the North Korean situation", noting that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will travel to the meet Trump next week and that Trump will soon visit Japan.

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"Firing ballistic missile may provide reason for additional sanctions from the worldwide community so North Korea chose to voice their opinion without receiving negative response on their military actions", Moon Sung-muk, an arms-control expert at Korea Research Institute for Strategy, told ABC News.

The Kremlin did not provide details on the exact date or location of the meeting, but Russian, South Korean and Japanese media earlier reported it would be in Russia's Far East.

A fresh round of UN Security Council sanctions was imposed as punishment after North Korea tested nuclear devices and intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2016 and 2017. The disagreement is believed to be the primary reason the Hanoi talks came to an abrupt end.

A North Korean official said last month that Kim is considering resuming missile tests and pulling out of the talks with the United States. North Korea wanted the reduce sanctions in some way while the U.S wanted North Korea to move forward to end its nuclear program.

North Korea wants an easing of sanctions choking its moribund economy in return for disarmament steps but Trump said Pyongyang was offering far too little to warrant ending the economic squeeze.

KCNA said that Kwon, who heads US affairs, said the Vietnam meeting showed that talks could go wrong when Pompeo takes part.

What did North Korea test?

The Kremlin has written off North Korea's Soviet-era debts, but attempts at broader co-operation have stalled. The Soviet Union helped train Kim Jong Un's grandfather, Kim Il Sung, and set him up as its leader.

The broadside from North Korea comes amid a quick shifting of tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.