American Among 41 Killed in Fiery Russian Plane Crash


Brooks was the only American killed in the plane fire, according to a representative for the U.S. embassy in Russian Federation, as confirmed to the Moscow Times.

According to the latest data, 37 people survived, 41 people died.

Russia's aviation monitoring agency said there were 73 passengers and five crew members on board the flight, which was scheduled to fly from Moscow to Murmansk.

Russian Federation sees no reason to ground its domestically produced Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft despite one of the planes bursting into flames during a crash-landing and killing 41 people, the country's transport minister said on Monday. The ruined plane has been dismantled and is now sitting in a hangar at Sheremetyevo while investigators examine the cause of the disaster. "I grabbed them by the collar".

Another eyewitness, Patrick Horlacher, said it was "shocking to see" the plane being ravaged by flames just minutes before he was due to board another flight.

A 22-year-old American man was among the 41 people killed in the fiery crash of an Aeroflot plane at a Moscow airport. Several flights out of Sheremetyevo were cancelled through Monday.

Kristian Kostov, a former Bulgarian Eurovision contestant, tweeted that he was in a plane nearby the emergency landing and people were "screaming" and "shaking" at the sight of the plane engulfed in flames.

Television footage from Sunday showed the plane catching fire on the runway at Moscow's Sheremtyevo airport as it made a bumpy emergency landing.

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Its crew sent a distress signal when "malfunctions" occurred in bad weather shortly after take-off at 6.02 p.m. The reason why the pilots chose to make an emergency landing has not been announced.

The aircraft's black boxes were found and handed over to investigators, a source in the Russian emergency services told news agencies. Three hundred and twenty-six people died in accidents on Russian-scheduled commercial flights between 2008 and 2017, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization. Some of the survivors could be seen on video jumping down an air-filled slide from the front of the plane.

It was Aeroflot's deadliest accident since September 14, 2008 when Aeroflot Flight 821 crashed on approach to Perm Airport, Russia due to pilot error.

Russia's Investigative Committee says the flight recorders from the plane have now been recovered and the investigation is ongoing.

The Murmansk region - where numerous casualties are believed to be from - will go into a three-day period of mourning beginning Monday.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had offered his condolences to the victims' loved ones.

The rear of the aircraft, a Russian-made Sukhoi Superjet, was completely burned away by the fireball.