Google Nest: building the helpful home under the one roof


The Nest Hub's price cut also makes way for Google's new Nest Hub Max, priced at $229, which comes with a larger 10-inch display, and a camera - something that was notably missing from the 7-inch Home. The first is some T&Cs to which you should tap Next, and the second is to do with teaching your Assistant to recognise your voice. It can even stream live shows and act as a tiny TV, on a user's wish. That's about to change.

The Google Nest Hub Max is priced at USD$229 (~RM949) and is now only available in the UK, US and Australia.

Google today celebrated I/O 2019, its conference par excellence where they present some of the most interesting news they have presented for Google, Assistant, Android and its most outstanding software products, in addition to the Pixel 3a, its new mid-range mobile with Android stock.

Google's next-gen Assistant will be much faster and more intuitive, and unlike its predecessor, the next-gen Assistant will only take up half a gigabyte on your phone. The Assistant is now on over one billion devices, available in over 30 languages across 80 countries, and works with over 30,000 unique connected devices for the home from more than 3500 brands globally.

The driving mode will be activated automatically when connecting to the Bluetooth of the auto, or we can say it by voice with "OK Google, let's drive".

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Another feature allows users to record video messages for other people in the home. Data will be encrypted and stored on the device, according to Osterloh.

If you slide down from the top of the screen you can access controls for any other smart home kit that is integrated with the Google Home app.

So, you will no longer need to say "Hey, Google, turn off the alarm".

Google showed the next version of Android, Q, with features including a dark mode and better gesture controls.

Whether you are starting a smart home or adding devices to an existing Google Home configuration, this Best Buy deal is an attractive opportunity to acquire both a Google Home Hub and a Google Home Mini for $99 instead of $198. You can see the full list of brands in the photo below. They estimate this to be over 30,000 devices. When I was there before, he commented how he "really loved my 360 camera". Also, you can point the camera at restaurant menus and it will highlight which dishes are the most popular at the location which definitely helps if you're an indecisive person.