Apple releases iOS 12.3 with redesigned TV app


With this new update, beta testers will be able to test out new features like subscribe CBS All Access, HBO, Starz, AcornTV, Britbox, CuriosityStream, MTV Hits, Shudder, and more from the Apple TV app.

What this quote doesn't say implies a detail that hasn't been previously revealed: the version of the TV app available on non-Apple platforms may not offer the full TV app experience.

Today Apple started to roll out their new Apple TV app that was announced in March to all Apple TV owners. HBO Now, for example, costs $14.99 per month via Apple's App Store and Apple TV channels.

Apple has released its redesigned TV app in more than 100 countries, in a prelude to the launch of its subscription offering Apple TV+ this fall. Apple has been working with some of the biggest TV manufacturers to expand the footprint of its new TV app. However, this particular implementation which is also known as Apple TV channels alongside similar integration for selected streaming services is not available in Malaysia for the time being though.

This includes the largest collection of 4K HDR titles available to browse, buy, or rent.

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You can also download shows and movies from your subscriptions to view offline.

A user's personalized recommendations will be pulled from a curated list of shows and movies from more than 150 video apps and streaming services and over 100,000 iTunes movies and TV shows.

The Kids section has handpicked selections from Apple's editorial staff, and the Library is where you'll find the movies and shows you bought through iTunes.

AirPlay 2-enabled Samsung smart TVs will let customers play videos and other content from their iPhone, iPad or Mac directly to their Samsung set.

iOS 12.3 also adds support for AirPlay 2-enabled TVs, so those without Apple TV boxes can share content, including videos, photos and music from their iOS devices.